We have a wide selection of male companions & escorts... tall, polished, young guys, even ah bengs... who aim to pamper and shower you with sweet attention.

We have screened and selected the best companions to cater to the needs and wants of a modern woman.
We guarantee discretion and privacy, your personal details will be private. Your companion will not embarass you.
Your privacy is our top priority and you can request your details to be deleted.
Call our hotline today: +65 8103 9245

To accompany you, to cheer you up...

Or even help you with errands and daily tasks.
Available for instant rental, by the hour, for dates, coffee and parties.

  • Chat with and listen to you
  • House moving
  • Buy groceries
  • Drink coffee with
  • Cheer you up
  • Fortune telling

Disclaimer: Solicitation of sexual services for money is illegal in Singapore. We are an introducer of discreet entertainment, and do not provide promises of sex. Any physical activity that you engage is at your own discretion with another consenting adult.

Our Escorts & Talents

Take your pick.

Isaak, 1.8m, Chinese, 23yrs young

1.8 metres Tall, young and sensitive. He is a great listener and can even do magic tricks. He is someone you can talk to when you are feeling moody.

Zeeli, 1.67m, Chinese, 21yrs young

A young guy who is vibrant and lively. He has that twinkling playful look in his eyes, see if you can catch it.

Steve, 1.73m, Chinese, 30yrs old

A great ice-breaker, funny and entertaining. He is also a fortune-teller and tell you more about your life. Please don't fault us, if his fortune-telling is wrong. A great cheerleader for life. Some people say he looks like Jay Chou, well, maybe 60% there.

Ian, 1.8m, Chinese, 24yrs old

You say bad boy. He is quiet and cold, maybe you can try opening him up. He also freelances as a host.


Sms or call us +65 8103 9245.
Please book early ahead. For bookings after midnight, $50 will be added for midnight transport.
Rejection fee of $50 applies. You have to reject within the first 10 minutes.

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We offer you a good commission and flexibility. You can state your rate, working hours and clientele preference. We try our best to take care of your interests. We aim to be ethical (Other agents might even ask for special services from you, we do not).
We welcome girls and guys to apply. Only X% of applicants will be selected. We are professional and expect the same of you.